My Family had the most Amazing Experience!

My Family had the most Amazing Experience!

Wow, words can’t explain or describe how excellent my experience here was. Of course, nothing in life is 100% perfect, but I must give this hotel credit for getting as close to perfect as possible. Special Super Thanks to Mr. Mikel Lopes for being extremely Marvelous in his customer service. I do not think my Family experience would have been this amazing without him. Let me break down my stay for you.

Check-In Process: Was super high, I was greeted by an awesome Caucasian bellman. He gave me such amazing atv tour cozumel recommendations for my family. As a Titanium member, I was greeted as such and was given a room with a decent view on a high floor. Unfortunately, all the rooms at this hotel are the same, so no options for upgrades. The rooms are fair enough in size for one to still enjoy their experience. I personally am not a fan of small bathrooms, and I must say the bathrooms here are small.

Pool Experience: Amazing, loved the decor of the pool and really enjoyed the Cabana experience that I was able to get as we celebrated my mothers birthday. It can get a bit crowded with kids at the pool, but nothing in comparison to the more family oriented hotel resorts in Clearwater Beach. So this was a plus for me. There is a remarkable Parrot that is very nice and talks to you every now and then

Entertainment/Activities: My and my family enjoyed Jet skiing and shopping right next to the pool. I do not think you can get any better than that. Convenience for sure! Everyone was super nice. I was able to bargain down my jet ski experience by offering straight cash (Cool Tip). The beach in Sand Key is literally walking distance across the street. In my opinion, I prefer Clearwater Beach near the Hilton resort hotel because the sand is softer and the water appears more transparent. Also, when I went into the water, that sea week touching my skin just didn’t sit well with me. But if you want the beach, it is right there for you

Food/Dining Experience: Our family did not eat dinner at this restaurant or lunch, but I hear good things about the restaurant inside this hotel as well as the Spanish influence restaurant next door. I believe the restaurant is called Columbia. There is a Starbucks/cafe onsite. My experience there was ok. There was a gentleman that worked there that isn’t the friendliest and can be a bit rude. I advise avoiding him.
Breakfast was amazing. I preferred eating from the menu, so my food was super fresh. When it is crowded at the buffet, it can be a bit overwhelming, so I avoided the meal.

Cleanliness- In my opinion, the hotel was super clean, and I did not see any evidence of dirt. I think this hotel does well in keeping things up to date and fresh.

Customer Service: I am just going to sum it up with one name, Mikel Lopes. I mean can I just say once again how amazing he was. He made our family experience just simply amazing. He also has a beautiful personality and is super friendly. Mikel is so helpful. I think I was sadder not dealing with Mikel anymore than leaving the hotel lol. Special thanks to everyone who helped make my experience amazing. Special thanks to the General Manager who allowed Mikel Lopes to work with my family. Overall, amazing place.